Susan Fouche|Meditation Voice Overs

What are the QUALITIES of EFFECTIVE Meditation Narration?

1. The narration must be ENGAGING, CALM, and RELAXING. And with Susan’s conversational and welcoming tone, your viewers and listeners will  zone-in and de-stress.

2. The narration must also be BELIEVABLE and ORGANIC. Susan performs your script with the intention of helping your listeners return to their mind’s natural state of inner peace.

3. Finally, the narration must be of EXCELLENT AUDIO QUALITY. Susan’s pro studio is acoustically treated, and with her excellent recording equipment, your Meditation courses and videos will have seamless audio quality every time.

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You already know the amazing benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Whatever your intention for needing your meditation narrated, I’m so happy you’re here! I’m looking forward to starting a relationship with you!

✅Exclusive Rights are Included with your Recording! This means that your meditation recording is yours to use however you like.

✅Ambient Background Music is included as well! After you place your order, you will have the opportunity to choose from my Royalty Free music collection.

Peaceful Meditation Sounds like waves, temple bells, and nature sounds are extra for a nominal charge.

Let’s help the world and raise the vibration our our planet with this meditation!

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